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Save on the weight of your luggage with thrifty tips like these:

Chamomile tea bags infused in hot water make for a good skin toner/moisturizer, hair conditioner etc.

The "one on and one in the wash" rule applies to everything, because the "just in case extras" will always stay just in the case, so why carry them. Just leave them at home.

Buy a wallet that is worth a dollar put some local coins in it, put this in your pocket, for the pickpockets. Keeping all other valuables in your money belt close to your skin. Either under your arm or around your waist. The one-dollar wallet also gives you quick access to coins and small money you might need in a hurry without digging into your money belt when in public.

Try not to travel with designer labels as this leads to total misery should they be lost or stolen.

Thrift shop bargains are great to travel with, easy to replace and will add to your exciting memoirs. This includes bargain sunglasses, watches and clothing dissertation help service. Remember all countries have thrift shops so replacements and upgrades are cheap and easy

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